Responsive Technology is one of the newest approaches to web development maximizing user experience and with the launch of the 101st Grey Cup Festival website, we can say we've had great success with it. The technology is new to us, but we see the value in it. Essentially what it does is allow the site to adapt without having to be device specific. In the past, programmers would 'ask the website' to check if it's an iPhone, check if it's an iPad, check if it's a desk top computer. But this technology asks websites to adapt to screen pixels instead, meaning if it's any device with a screen between x and x pixels, the site will adapt. So, whether you're on a smartphone, tablet or a desktop computer you're getting the friendliest view of the site - change the browser window size on your laptop, and the website will change with it. The 101 Grey Cup website is running off the OH! CMS and was developed using this technology. We're seeing it pop up more and more, but we're sure it's going to be everywhere very soon. It just makes sense.