This month Conexus introduced free banking. A true no-fee account.  No minimum balance. No catch.

What does free feel like? It feels great. It’s getting a present; it’s having no worries, it’s doing whatever you want. A FreeStyle no-fee account from Conexus gives you all of those feelings. It’s not just a no-fee account…

• If you’ve been paying fees (and who hasn’t), you get a free gift.

• If you’ve been counting transactions to make sure you don’t go over your limit, you’re now free to bank the way you want.

• If you’re sick of getting nickel and dimed by your bank, you’re free to walk away.

That’s the feeling of free, and that’s what the campaign — as a whole —delivers. Different tactics address different aspects of “free”.

The campaign launched with this spot that asks us to remember what free feels like. Television leads the lauch with support from in-branch posters and brochures as well as onine and social strategies. 

The campaign takes you to a campaign page where you can sign up for your no-fee account: