It can do almost anything you want, from almost anywhere. Update your website over lunch, from your smartphone. It’s OH! Media’s newest baby, the OH! CMS V5—a content management system that makes managing your own website as easy as moving files around on your computer.

OH! took a User Experience approach with this project, meaning they made everything extremely easy to use. They’ve worked with almost every CMS on the market and brought all the great things they’ve seen in other platforms into V5.

The Features:

  • It’s easy, but secure. They manage the security and host the site, which means no annoying plug-in updates that crash your site.
  • You can change your body copy, headlines and the buttons directly on your site, meaning you can see what it looks like while you type.
  • It’ll crop your images for you.
  • You only need one site for desktop, mobile and tablet because it’s responsive. And you can edit your website on the go, because you can access this CMS from your phone or table.
  • You decide who sees what and who can edit what. Hide or open up certain parts of your site to groups or individuals.
  • Organizing files is super easy, like on your computer, because they used the same drag and drop process that we’re used to.
  • You decide who can edit your website, and what they can edit.
  • There’s integrated Google Analytics. That means you get data, great data, right down to the hour.
  • It’s endlessly customizable, which means if you need it, OH! Media’s cool, good-looking and incredibly talented team of developers will make it happen. 

A Content Management System that has all of the power and none of the mess!