We love a good chat over a hot cup of coffee.

In most rural communities, the coffee shop is the place to be. It’s the message board, the water cooler, the party line and the hitchin’ post all rolled into one. Now you can join right in. Timmys now has a TV station, and it’s playing all our favourites.

It’s helping our clients reach rural markets. For Access Communications, who are spread across the province, but aren’t everywhere in the province, we need to find ways to reach small markets. So we poured ourselves some java and got to thinking—you can’t ignore the value of coffee talk.

Tim's TV is a specialized product located in 2,200 Tim Hortons across Canada (including places like Delisle). The TVs play 15-minute loops of a mix of local and community messages, entertainment updates and YOUR MESSAGE HERE, allowing us to get in on the caffeinated conversation.

And, as it turns out that those infinite line-ups aren’t exaggerating. 63% of Canadians visit a Tim Hortons three times or more, every two weeks. And, those who dine in spend 30 minutes or more shootin’ the sips.

When clients come to us with challenges we look for fresh ways to approach them. In rural communities there aren’t a bevy (heh) of options, but Tims TV makes sense for Access. And, the message makes sense—hey Delisle, did you know that Access is an option in your community? As Mike Meyers would say: talk amongst yourselves.

To learn more about your rural options, or for a nice cup of coffee, give us a shout @TheBurningBird.

Posted by Sam Karikas. Sam is the Senior Writer and Social Media Manager at Phoenix Group.