We sometimes take for granted the complexity of the world around us. The bus we ride, the pen we use – all these things are the culmination of research, planning and design. For nearly every thing created, there are engineers and geoscientists involved. Our client, the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists, needed us to help showcase the work of its members. These engineers and geoscientists are responsible for figuring out where to find oil to how traffic flows. We developed a campaign using television and outdoor with the underlying theme - that engineers and geoscientists see more than simply everyday objects. The spot uses graphic overlays—white illustrative graphics over the action to show us schematics, measurements and icons that present information about what we are looking at and how engineers and geoscientists may see it. This illustrates the complexity of what Professional Engineers and Geoscientists see when they look at everyday objects and scenarios which reinforces the fact that engineers and geoscientists are essential to the safe and successful operation of almost everything we see and do.