When the CRTC tells a cable provider to jump, they say “how high?”. 

When the CRTC mandates that all cable providers must offer “Skinny Basic and Pick ‘n’ Pay” packages within months, they better get some Good Thinking.

To communicate a new and rather complex product, first Access had to brand their new “Skinny” package. Next they would have to inform consumers how to start building their own TV line up, with add-on bundle packages.

The new package had to reflect that it was basic, but not suggest it was lesser option. Access Micro was born. A science theme helped us talk about “experimenting” with your TV line up. Visuals such as chemical reactions, atoms and Frankenstein’s lab reflected the buildable nature of the product. 

But the real icing on the cake? Micro was available for just $9.95, less than half the price of their main competitor. This amazing price was kept at the forefront of all Micro’s advertising, with great results.

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