Somewhere out there, someone wants what you have. How do you get them onto a loop of loyatly for your brand?

Andrew Davis suggests that instead of focusing on the ROI, brands should turn their attention to the MOI – the moment of inspiration.

What actually triggers (in a good way) the action? Well first, it’s what Brian Solis refers to as micro ‘I Want’ moments:

I want to shop, I want to learn, I want to know, I want to go, etc.

That starts a customer on the path of search. But, it’s the moment of inspiration that triggers an “irresistable urge to act”. Moments of inspiration increase demand and inspire action.

Remember last week when I was looking to buy a fleece onesie? Maybe I started in consideration mode (generated by a micro-moment of “I want to live in fleece for the next 6 months”) which led me to a website. On that website, there’s a great video of how the brand created and donated 10,000 tiny fleece onesies for adopted micro goats*.

The brand uses a story to tell the user/viewer what they’re actually buying, and to turn them into a customer. I learn about the brand, I get to know them, I see myself in them.

Davis has four tried, tested and true secrets for creating content that inspires action.

These are secrets, but I’m lifting the veil to share them with you, fine readers.

#1 – build suspense: make people need to know the ending. Make sure your story is compelling and has a reasonable and appropriate amount of drama.

#2 – foster aspiration: do you know your audience? What do they aspire to be, or do? Can your story include that?

#3 – drive empathy: a critical part of story telling! If you or your customers won’t empathize with the ‘characters’ then you’re not telling the whole story or the right parts of the story.

#4 – inspire demand: don’t aim to raise awareness. Create the demand for your product, and do that over and over again to keep customers on the loyalty loop.

And, don’t forget – your brand is a collection of stories. It’s not just one story. You have angles and sides and depth. Explore that and use it to create moments of inspiration at every user touchpoint. Inspire them to click through, inspire them to sign up, inspire them to purchase and inspire them to purchase again.


*this is a made up scenario but how amazing would it be if it actually happened? It would inspire me. And you best believe I’m getting that onesie.


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