The work of engineers and geoscientists is of huge importance, but most people take for granted or simply don’t realize the depth to which their research and work impacts everyday life - from massive technical marvels to small, indispensable items.

APEGS regulates the practice of engineering and geoscience in Saskatchewan for the protection of the public and the environment for the benefit of society. They were looking to create awareness about what they do and encourage people to see engineering and geoscience as a fun and fulfilling career choice, that involves work on cool and important projects. 

A series of bright and upbeat animations that are alive with playful energy are used to dispel any misconceptions that engineering and geosciences are dull - while indispensable examples of their work, such as cars or the humble light bulb, are highlighted within each ad. Together, they show that pursuing a career in engineering and geosciences is both rewarding and invaluable.