Meet Barry Bierman—Phoenix Group’s in-house videographer and content creator. He joined our team back in August and has been an integral part of expanding our capacity to create engaging content and bring new ideas forward to our clients. 

While working on a yacht in the Mediterranean, Barry started his career in content creation. Wanting to capture the beauty of his high-sea experiences, he began to document his travels through video. This sparked his interest in videography—and launched his creative career. 

Barry has developed a broad skill set of content creation abilities and a knack for telling engaging stories—from travel videography to weddings, TV spots to events, and beyond.

“I personally enjoy just anything to do with creating a visual story,” says Barry. “They say a picture says a thousand words, but I think a video says a million. It's way more impactful—especially, if you do it the right way.”

While Barry loves to shoot outdoors, he’s equipped and ready with box lights to film indoors. Oh, and did we mention he now has his own boom mic?

Working with Phoenix Group, Barry has created ongoing TV, web and social video content for our clients Conexus Credit Union, Global AG Risk Solutions, Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation, Great Western Brewing and the Ministry of Trade and Export—to name a few!

So, what makes a good video?

“I think that emotion is the key ingredient in the mixing pot of video creation,” says Barry. “Without a doubt, you feel when you create something. But the question is— does the audience?”

Check out some of his work.