Special delivery!

Vixen and Blitzen have had quite the journey in their young lives. Born in the care of CC RezQs, these two puppies were rescued from extermination.

In September, CC RezQs organized a group of volunteers to rescue as many dogs as possible from a dog cull. A total of 55 dogs were collected. Dental work, a broken paw, broken legs, a fractured pelvis, treatment for malnourishment, extensive x-rays and tests, and 20 brand new puppies drained the organization of most of their funds.

On Day 12, we got a special visit from tiny Vixen and Blitzen and presented CC RezQs with toys, carriers, food and other dog necessities collected and purchased to help with the good work they do.

Visit https://www.facebook.com/ccrezqs/ to find out about their efforts.