When planning 12 Days, we choose charities and non-profits that are important to our communities, but also hold a special place in the hearts and minds of our staff.
Associate Creative Director Ryan’s 13 year old daughter Abby lives with complex medical needs, making our donation to Hope’s Home a dedication close to our hearts.
Abby’s been attending the after school program at Hope’s Home for three years. “The program helps the whole family unit work better,” says Ryan. “Our days flow easier and our weekends are less stressful.”  The option of an after school program has eased the pressure from Ryan and his wife Jaimee.
A primary caregiver for many years, Jaimee has been able to pursue a specialized education and career. The program also allows for both parents to continue working on non-school days like teacher PD days and holidays. 
“Abby really thrives on routine,” says Ryan. “She’s taken care of by the same people and they adopt the same therapeutic programs that are developed in the classroom, which helps with consistency.”
For Abby’s care the after school program through Hope’s Home has been a huge help and relief for Ryan’s family. Ryan explains; “Staff there are so well trained. They’re used to all behaviours and abilities. It’s a really good environment for the kids that attend.”