At harvest time, grain losses can run as high as 11%.

That’s a huge waste of product and a huge loss of income.

South Country Equipment had an idea that could help get grain loss down to 1-3% by giving farmers the right information, right in their hands.

OH! Media used South Country Equipment’s farming know-how to design and develop a web app. This mobile-only app helps producer clients optimize their combine settings, so they get the best yield.

The app collects location, temperature, wind speed, wind direction, and humidity data to calculate optimum machinery settings. Information such as expected yield and swath width is collected and converted into adjustments like rotor speed and fan settings – all available via smartphone.

What’s more, all the inputted farming data doesn’t go to waste, it’s collected and sent to South Country Equipment. The crowdsourced data can then be used to give more accurate settings and advice to farmers in the future. This industry-leading tool has already made a difference to many, and will only improve as more data is collected.

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