After years of domination, Adobe Flash is being pushed off the Internet.
Flash has long been the go-to for animating banner ads, despite the fact it’s much maligned, not mobile friendly and has opened users up to hacking.
This year Mozilla blocked older versions of Flash on Firefox, and as of September the Chrome browser will no longer auto play Flash ads. You can still see them, but you will need to click on a play button, and honestly what are the chances you’ll clicking anything to watch an ad?
The old stand by, Internet Explorer (versions 8 through 11), which still take up about 50% of the (desktop) browser market share, do not block Flash by default. 
What does that mean for you? If you want to reach everyone, get your digital ads in order! Shannon Howe our in-house banner wizard now ships all animated online ads as HTML5, which will work on mobile and every browser. 
For Shannon it’s been an exciting and challenging transition. She offers advice to those in need, “There is a wealth of programs now available along with a tremendous amount of information and support online. It’s exciting. Our clients expect the best and we do what it takes to deliver on those expectations.”
Our media partner EyeReturn notes a lot of advertisers are simply converting to static ads, a solution that will work, but will not generate the same response rates, which will hurt your results in the long term.
Andrew Favot, EyeReturn Account Executive, notes that many agencies have struggled to adapt to the new formats while incorporating code that allows the ad to function properly. “The Phoenix Group lived up to their reputation as being a leader in the digital space, and in collaboration with our production team were able to make the transition to HTML5 easy for both parties. Working with Shannon and the entire Phoenix Group team on HTML5 has been mutually beneficial and created efficiencies in an otherwise complicated eco-system.”  
If you need a partner for the future give us a call. We’ll set you up in flash— er, just not with Flash.