To Rider Nation, historic Mosaic Stadium is more than a building. It’s more than concrete and metal. It’s more than beer line ups and wooden benches. For Rider fans, Mosaic Stadium is home.

For the last season at historic Mosaic Stadium, the Roughriders wanted to honour their home and the memories it holds. It’s moving time, but not before we say goodbye.  

The Farewell Season campaign pays tribute to this special place. It’s a love story that lives in the hearts of every Rider fan and any CFL fan who has had the pleasure of being a part of the electricity and brotherhood on game day.

And it resonated. When the going gets tough, Rider Nation gets tougher. Despite a 2-10 record, ticket sales are better than steady. The Farewell season has had multiple sold out games, and the Roughriders are leading the league in ticket sales, demonstrating just how strong Rider Nation stands together.

It’s football, but it’s not just about game play on the field, it’s everything the team represents. It’s the memories made and the moments shared in that special place we’ve called home for so long.

Goodbyes are never easy, but they can be hopeful—especially when the vision of what comes next is brand new and full of prospect.

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