Now you can survey the province, for $75

Google recently launched Google Surveys, so we gave it a try. 

As with everything Google this tool is very easy to learn. In fact, it’s a bit delightful. For a test, we asked Saskatchewan one question—do you listen to podcasts? 

With Google surveys you can survey a variety of countries, including Canada and break it into regions, states or provinces. For now at least, that’s as narrow as you can get. 

One question is .10¢ a response. 2-10 questions is $1.00 per response. For Saskatchewan, Google recommended collecting 500 responses. Respondents answer your question in exchange for incentives. So your poll lives across a network of news, reference, and entertainment sites. People answer your questions in exchange for access to premium content, and credits to Google Play.

As Google boasts, “Choose your target audience, type your questions, and watch the results roll in within hours.”

Within hours might work in some places, but it took Google about 5 days to collect the 500 responses to our poll. That said, you can watch the results as they come in and get a pretty good sense how things will turn out long before you reach your quota.

The results are presented in a delightful interface, that’s easy and (honestly) kind of fun to play with.  And, you can share the results. Follow the link below and you can access the results of our one-question poll.

Click here to have look at our survey and the results! 

You can click on the graph to reveal different levels of information and break the results down by age and gender. It's fun to explore. You do need a certain level of understanding to pull insight from the results. And, insight is the advantage you get when you hire a research firm.

So, use it with some caution.

Also, the questions you ask, the approach you take, and even the language you use can have a serious effect on the outcome. (Here’s a great post on how much wording will affect results.

As for these results, it will be interesting to see if the podcast trend will grow in Saskatchewan—if you’re part of that 70% who don’t listen, try them out. Why not start with ours — Lessons Learned in Marketing.