How many families have been devastated by impaired driving? How many sisters, brothers, sons and daughters? How many friends? And just how many… is too many?

SGI’s public safety impaired driving campaign poses these questions to Saskatchewan drivers.

In our 60-second television/cinema spot, we show the void left in the lives of the family and friends whose loved ones have been taken by impaired driving. A statistic is just a statistic, until it happens to your family. 

The spot features relatable, genuine life moments. A sense of nostalgia arises with each blissful moment in time, until someone in the photo literally fades away from existence. One moment they are there, and the next, they are gone – reminding us that this can, and does, happen to anyone. 

SGI reminds Saskatchewan residents of the consequences of driving impaired and, for the sake of their loved ones, to take care out there.