CASL (sounds like castle, but is less fun in real life) is Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation, which will be put into effect on July 1, 2014.

At its most basic, CASL is the federal government’s answer to Spam and scams. The legislation will protect Canadians from these two e-scourges by prohibiting the transmission of electronic marketing messages without the express consent of the recipients.

So, while this will hopefully put an end to that pesky Nigerian prince who keeps emailing you, or those weird texts about last night addressed to “Nathan”, it also impacts the electronic messages you actually want to get.

The law requires express consent, so you’ll likely start receiving a lot of emails asking you if you’d like to continue to receive the eNewsletters and updates that get sent to you, even if you voluntarily signed up for them in the first place.

Of course, the legislation will have an impact on email marketing, so we’re working closely with our clients to get them educated and comfortable with the changes so they can keep doing what they do best.  

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Posted by Sam Karikas. Sam is the Senior Writer and Social Media Manager at Phoenix Group.