You don’t have to live in Saskatchewan to know that Rider Nation is vast and vocal. Forty-five per cent of Rider Nation is women—women who know and love the game and who want to be able to wear the colours of their team.

The Riders have always known this, and they’ve worked hard to find designer merchandise that allows women to wear their Game Day best on any day they feel like showing off their passion. The Riders’ women’s lines are tailored and versatile and aren’t all painted pink like some other team jerseys—because women Rider fans eat, sleep, breath and bleed green.    

VP of Marketing and Business Devleopment for the Riders, Gregg Sauter says that jerseys are the “Quarter Back—the ultimate leader” of their merchandise across the country, and with good reason. The Riders sell as much merchandise as the whole CFL combined because they listen to their fans and make the gear they want available.  

In the Riders’ “Passion looks good on you” campaign we’re encouraging women to embrace their status as the 13th (wo)man and show their true colours.

We show real women, in their real lives—with family and friends, at work and at play, wearing their passion. The ads feature all different types of fans in a variety of different styles—because passion is a look that never goes out of season.   


Posted by Sam Karikas. Sam is the Senior Writer and Social Media Manager at Phoenix Group.