[gallery link="file" orderby="title"] An ad is a connection you make to your customer. If you met your customer, what would you say? How would you deliver your brand message? Well, it might depend on where you met them. For Access Communications, the message is service; good old fashioned service. Not only are they great Internet and cable providers, they provide unmatched customer service. The captive advertising provides an opportunity to illustrate that service, in a fun, memorable way. The ads are placed in restaurant washrooms, and speak directly to a situation the customer might be in, offering a lighthearted bit of help and encouragement. The result, an eye-catching, entertaining ad that establishes who Access really is—helpful and customer focused. Campaign Tactics These posters are part of a larger service campaign that is getting great results. Subscribers praise Access for their outstanding customer service. And the co-operative is experience improved customer growth and retention since the campaign started. As a brand Access understands who they are and they look for every opportunity to reinforce their message.