It was a job with a big message and for a designer, one that became very satisfying. The challenge for this TV commercial was to let people know that STC is more than simply 'people movers'. A major and important aspect of their business is parcel shipment. From the city, to the farm, from Monday to Sunday and overnight, STC can get your package where it needs to be in Saskatchewan – a fact the client needed us to bring awareness to. Now, what made this somewhat difficult was deciding how to visualize parcels of all sizes being moved throughout the province, from city to farm. To encompass a ‘from corner to corner’ feel for this commercial, we’d need to travel the province with camera crew and actors – something that didn’t seem feasible. That’s when we decided to throw the notion of ‘lights, camera, action’ out the window and try something different – animation. For the Art Director on this job, the result was a testament to a great idea, with a manageable execution. The animators used the concept on the storyboard, and followed it almost exactly. In this case, the right idea was the first one – something that not only stokes the fire of creativity, but is also quite satisfying. Overall, we are proud of this commercial – it tells a big story in a fun, creative way, an all around great solution for this client.