You may have noticed some chatter (ranging from disgruntled to intrigued,) about a little billboard with a big Saskatchewan salute.  

Murmurs started with news of a billboard outside BC Place. Then, this week, news broke in Winnipeg about a billboard in their neighbourhood with a similar message.

Boasting “Green is the new orange” (substitute opponent’s jersey colour), these billboards were placed outside opposing stadiums leading up to their match-up with the Riders.  

The billboards; part of the creative execution for the “Passion Looks Good on You” campaign, have been placed in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Ottawa and Calgary—all cities that have the largest contingent of Saskatchewan emigrates and Rider fans (they’re everywhere!).

To date, the story has been featured in a number of news outlets in Regina, Winnipeg and Vancouver; in print, online news sites, TSN, Yahoo Sports and on TV broadcasts.  And people keep talking about it. Socially, it’s reached hundreds of thousands of people as it circulates through Facebook and Twitter.

This is a bit of playful ribbing to our CFL cousins to the East and West of us. If we were to use one word to describe it, we’d say “cheeky”. But it’s not smack. The billboards don’t talk game or performance, but instead salute the strength of Ridernation. This is our way of putting a call out to all of the fans in other cities and getting them excited to watch their team and show their pride, even if they’re not on home turf.

As partners with the Riders, we’ve always created campaigns that give much-deserved props to the 13th man. In fact, you might even remember the 13th man campaign. We always celebrate the fan, because game day is about the experience.

Ultimately, these billboards are meant to drive people to wear (and buy) Rider merchandise, but it’s also about continuing to build that brand. And the more chatter, the better.  

And really, football without rivalry is like a Saskatchewan winter without snow…it’s just not right. “I think it’s healthy. We love to see rivalries, historical rivalries. There are rivalries that are being built today and I think it’s great for the game.” See, even CFL Commissioner Mark Cohon agrees.

If you’ve seen the billboard in your neighbourhood, tweet us a pic @TheBurningBird. 


Posted by Sam Karikas. Sam is the Senior Writer and Social Media Manager at Phoenix Group.