Justin Hoffman recently joined Phoenix Group as a Senior Developer for our OH! Media team. He’s a Computer Science graduate and coding wizard who loves to problem solve. Backend web work may be complex, but Justin is unflappable – he’s about as easy going as it gets.

When he’s not creating code, you might find Justin playing the drums. He loves to practice drumming patterns and rhythms, and is currently in a metal band. Justin also enjoys sharpening his reflexes by gaming on the PC and playing lacrosse.

Justin recently worked on a tournament progress system for Casino Regina’s Charity Championship. The part he is particularly proud of is the team ranking system –  not only does it use inputted data to show every team’s rank, it’s also completely responsive. 

In his own words, Justin’s coding mantra is “flexible and recyclable”. He prefers to write small, simple pieces of code that are “easy to reuse and easy to build on”.