Wascana Centre Authority is certainly easy on the eye. But when it comes to branding, a little refresh was in order. Due to the brand’s long history, some logo and colour inconsistencies were visible around the park, plus a more defined visual identity guide was required.

After very little persuasion, the team took a stroll (or three) around Wascana Park. What was most noticeable to them, was the energy of the park. From families showing their kids the wildlife, to business people going for a lunchtime walk, there was always something going on. This energy had to be injected into the refreshed brand.

A blue aspen leaf has long been the emblem for Wascana Centre Authority. Phoenix designer, Kristen discovered that the aspen leaf is also known as the “noisy leaf”, due to the rustling noise they make when moving in the wind. Therefore, movement was something Kristen wanted to add to the emblem. With a few subtle changes, the aspen leaf was given some visual momentum. The stalk of the leaf curling gently to frame “Wascana Centre”. 

Brand colours were also considered, with a warm yellow joining the existing blue, as well as two complimentary tones. Two distinct brand styles were created – a fun “educational” style for general visitors to the park and a more formal “corporate” style to be used when promoting rental spaces. Templates were built for each brand style, including brochures, posters and more. Finally, a bank of custom illustrations was added, along with a selection of scenic park photography (courtesy of Greg Huzsar). 

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