Did you know that you can actually get paid to wander the fields, lakes, hills and towns of Saskatchewan? It’s pretty cool, and we wanted more people to know about the best job in province.

Until this year, The Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport had never put paid media behind an awareness campaign for the Saskatchewanderer. But this year, with the torch being passed and the search for the new candidate looming we thought it was an opportune time to remind people about how much greatness is packed into 651,900 km.  

The Saskatchewanderer Facebook page is where the lucky ambassador keeps their photos, posts and fans so we developed a media plan specifically for this captive audience. But, with Facebook’s new algorithm now only showing about 3% of your page content to page fans it was even more important to put some dollars behind their awareness and recruitment efforts.

The awareness campaign targeted people aged 16-54, turning some of the Saskatchewanderer’s best performing posts or videos assets into new creative.

We wrote paid sponsored posts linking through to the Saskatchewanderer blog posts. Copy and topics were tailored to age groups based on the engagement and interest we’d researched. So, 16-34 year olds got celebrity and event posts, whereas travel type posts were targeted to 30+.

And the results were Saskatchewonderful.

In two months:

  • We got 21,907 website views (4,923 clicks coming directly from the ads), which was an increase of 68%.
  • The campaign garnered 817 new Facebook page likes, and;
  • The number that really got the data-nerds at Phoenix excited was this – 15,819 more video asset views. 7,450 of those views were from our first ever video sponsored post

Once we got their attention, we put our recruitment campaign plan into action.

The approach for the recruitment campaign was to not only target the youth demo who are eligible for the job, but also their influencers; like persuasive parents, credible friends and yes, even the meddlesome aunts.

Posts with a call to action to “apply now” were targeted to 19-30 year olds, whereas posts encouraging people to tag someone who would be perfect for the job were targeted to both youth and influencers; 19-30 and 40-54.  

In five weeks:

  • We had 8,902 more website visits (7,866 clicks to the website coming directly from the ads)
  • The campaign garnered 892 new Facebook page likes, and;
  • The “apply now” button on the website was clicked 99 times


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Posted by Sam Karikas. Sam is the Senior Writer and Social Media Manager at Phoenix Group.