Marshall McLuhan once famously said that the “medium is the message”. Then, famously, no one could agree on what that meant.  For the 2015 Casinos Regina and Moose Jaw promotion, we opted to go straight literal with it.

Our message for Casinos Regina & Moose Jaw this year is huge. It’s massive. It’s OVER THE TOP. Sometimes you don’t just say something loudly, you say it big, too.

We wanted something eye-catching that would blare as loudly as the all caps above, so our team worked closely with the client and the vendors to create signage that met our emphatic needs.

Massive signs with 3D and forced perspective 3D elements were designed and then constructed for Central hall in Casino Regina, the balcony in Casino Moose Jaw and the large draw drum in Casino Regina.

The balcony signs are 20 and 21 feet wide, bringing the look to life with dice, bells and cards that stand out—literally.

Signage is an inexpensive, highly effective form of advertising. It sends a non-stop message to consumers. In a survey conducted by FedEx Office, 68% of consumers said they have purchased a product because a sign caught their eye. And, the same percent said that they believe a retail sign reflects the quality of the business.

If you want to learn some sign language tweet us @TheBurningBird. 


Posted by Sam Karikas. Sam is the Senior Writer and Social Media Manager at Phoenix Group.