McDonald’s is doing it. Now it's your turn, right?

With 350 million active users, and large, very socially active brands like Taco Bell and McDonald’s jumping on board, Snapchat actually seems like the place for brands to be right now. 

The messaging tool that sends pictures and vidoes that dissappear in seconds is super popular with young people--highschool and college aged. It's quick, it's visual and people seem to like it.

So, does that mean you should join too?  Maybe...though ask yourself some questions first.

Is this impulse?

There is a huge difference between understanding the marketplace and leaping in.  Social media is an incredibly effective marketing tool, but to simply jump on for the sake of being there is ineffective. Every social media manager wants to be the first to 'be there', but being patient can pay off. 

Does this tool align with your brand, social identity and audience?

So far, the most active demographic on Snapchat are young and the content is pretty rudementiary. That's the point. Snapchat messages aren’t permanent, and the platform is simple. It’s meant to be quick and dirty. Is your message quick and dirty? Your brand? And, are the people you want to talk to even there? 

Do we have the right content to share and the time to manage it?

What all social media management comes down to is time and content. Creating original, relevant content is the key to succeeding on social media but somebody has to do it. And while the content for Snapchat seems fairly straightforward and simple, aligning your efforts with the broader social strategy is important. Do you want to share the type of content Snapchat users consume?

So, after this, if you think this is the right tool for you, remember, with any digital communication tool, having a strong strategic approach is key to success—and we’re always here to help. 

Posted by Alana Bergstrom. Alana, a self-proclaimed social media junky is the writer/community manager at Phoenix Group.