When you’re talking about most social channels, that’s just the way it is with. Your reach can be greatly improved by putting a few bucks behind expanding it. So, if you’re getting fewer Likes, no Shares and your mom is the only one commenting, maybe it’s time to start thinking about financing your social strategy.

Facebook Limits Organic Reach

Facebook is now a publically traded company, so it’s no surprise its goal is of course to make money. Last December, Facebook even admitted brands will need to invest in paid media to be sure their posts reach their community.

Alright, so just put something up and boost it, right?

Not so fast. Simply paying for eyeballs isn’t going to work. If you’re implementing a social content marketing strategy, you need to have social content. What that looks like varies for each brand, but if you don’t share the right material you risk being worse off than before. Users can unfollow you, or even worse, simply block your content, which affects your analytics.

Do I have to pay for Twitter too?

Not necessarily, but it helps and Twitter has new features that make promoting your account even better.

The ability to promote your account in the Twitter newsfeed has been helping brands gain more followers by instantly putting your page in front of the right users….for a fee of course. But, it really is effective, especially for those just joining the platform. What’s new though is the fact that promoted accounts will now show up in search results too.

This is a great opportunity, because now your brand can show up right in front of someone at the exact moment they are searching for the information you offer! And, that’s the whole point, isn’t it?

It might be a tough pill to swallow at first, but paying for eyeballs on your social channels is an extremely effective way to reach your audience, and it could be a lot cheaper than other avenues too. We can always help you figure that out.  

Posted by Alana Bergstrom. Alana is the agency social media junky, and a writer/community manager at Phoenix Group.