There is a special feeling that executives have been trying to pin a word to, with varied success.  Synchronicity, harmony…synergy (shudder).

Snazzy language aside, it is a real feeling that we strive for, especially in marketing.

When we sat down with Access to talk about AccessEvo we saw a lot of opportunity for…harmony…and took advantage of how the product itself helps deliver a message. AccessEvo is technology that works.  And, our campaign came from that same concept.

This new product redefines the luxuries of watching TV in the days of PVR.  AccessEvo lets customers record six shows at once onto a massive 500 GB hard drive, and has other cool features like enabling users to skip entire commercial breaks and watch their shows from any TV in their home.

It’s no secret that ad targeting is getting highly sophisticated, which has opened a lot of doors in strategic advertising. While there is a ton of value in demographic data for marketers, there’s also a lot of value for the consumer.  Think of it this way, would you rather be hit with advertising buckshot or get the pointed, direct messages that actually matter to you and your life? This campaign engages people when and where it makes sense.

With AccessEvo you can use your iPad as a remote. And, you’ll find out about that feature while you’re tapping on the latest viral cat popping out of a box/hamster eating a burrito video.

Or, did you know that you can use your phone to program your PVR so that you don’t miss that very important premiere?  Well, we made sure you’d learn that key piece of information through ads that you’ll only see on your mobile device.

Or, maybe you’re caught up preparing mini cupcakes for your Bachelor finale party (we won’t mention he who shall not be named…don’t worry).  That’s good too because when you look to confirm who RSVP’d for the event invite, you might see a sponsored story about AccessEvo on your Facebook newsfeed.

It’s not about being everywhere for everyone, instead, it’s about being responsive to what the customer has told us they want and then reaching out to them through the technology and devices they love to use.  Access is all about technology that works, so why wouldn’t their marketing be too?

If you have a great product idea that you want translated into a great ad campaign, give us a shout @TheBurningBird and let’s get some synergy going. 


Posted by Sam Karikas. Sam is the Senior Writer and Social Media Manager at Phoenix Group.