It’s rare for Google to talk about their search algorithm, but in early March they made a strong statement through their webmaster weekly chat.

Beginning April 21, 2015 they will significantly penalize websites that are not mobile friendly.

Mobile usability is critical to web functionality, and starting April 21 mobile readiness will no longer be an option.

You basically have one month to get ready, before you’ll take a hit. So the push is on for mobile this spring.

Today, we see mobile web traffic to our client’s sites ranging from 30 to 50%. And just so you know, mobile users are not very forgiving. 61% are unlikely to return to a mobile site they had trouble with.

You might also recall our survey from a couple years ago where we learned most smartphone users would give up coffee to keep their phones!

What To Do

Go onto your mobile device and go into a Google search. In the search results you will see some listings have a little grey “mobile friendly” next to them.

Those sites that say mobile friendly are going to get the nod from Google after April 21.

Need to know how your site stacks up? Google published a new mobile friendliness testing tool where they encourage you to verify your sites mobile friendliness.

If you have any questions or need any help, the Phoenix Group and OH! Media teams are ready to help with your mobile readiness! @theburningbird