Standing out in the marketplace is essential for a brand, and it’s becoming harder every day. To build brand awareness, everything the brand does should support its purpose. Through repeated exposure the brand becomes known not just for a look, but for what it represents. N’iall O’Hanlon is achieving that kind of brand awareness with O’Hanlons in Regina. It’s a traditional Irish pub where you feel right at home. O’Hanlons has an ample supply of Irish staples: beer and laughter. When N’iall opened the brewery next door, B-Side Brewery—named because it is beside O’Hanlons (insert groan here)—N’iall brings a European tradition back to Regina. The Growler. Before bottles or cans, the Growler was the way off-sale was delivered. Children would be sent to the local brewpub by their dads to have the Growler filled. N’iall brings the idea to Regina and we were thrilled to be asked to design the Growler painted label, and brand the B-Side Brewing Company. The Growler is $20 to buy filled with draft. After that, it’s $10 for refills. Jared did the design, after all he knows O’Hanlons well. He wanted the design for the Growler to capture the feeling of the pub. If you’ve been there, you know it’s eclectic, a little Celtic and somewhat rustic. Jared’s design is inspired by Celtic illustration and combines the motion of brewing and pouring. We love the new B-Side Brewing Company Growlers. Especially when they’re full. Stop in and pick one up. Jared recommends the Moustache stout!