The powers that be at Google have spoken, and they’ve named us Partners. We even have a badge to prove it.

So, how does our partnership with Google help our partnership with you?

To become Partners with Google, our media team had to undergo training, and testing. As an agency, we’ve also had to demonstrate our commitment to best practice in adwords. But further to that commitment, we had to maintain a threshold of excellence on all of our existing accounts for the duration of our application.

So, in our pursuit for partnership we reviewed and made any necessary updates to existing accounts to ensure they were at the highest possible standard for Google Adwords. The Media team applied everything it learned during certification and incorporated all of the new best practice in copy and added new modifiers and location services to our new campaigns.

During our training we learned important new functions and the best way to use current functionality so that your ads are performing at the high standards we set. We’ve even addressed incorporating variance in our key words to accommodate the newest search update Google released (called Panda). This is an important one because Google is constantly updating and launching new functionality in its products. Being Partners means that we work with Google. They keep us in the loop and monitor our account activity actively while we have ads running (which is always).

Partner status gives us exclusive early access to beta test new Google products, which gives us the inside track on what Google is rolling out and how to best apply it to you.  

Having the badge not only shows that we’re a trusted agency, it also (loudly and proudly) shows that we’ve mastered Google products. And, like Peter Parker’s uncle (and Voltaire…) once wisely said, “with great power, comes great responsibility”.

Don’t worry; we will only use our powers for good. If you want to know how our newly recognized super powers can help you, give us a shout @TheBurningBird. 


Posted by Sam Karikas. Sam is the Senior Writer and Social Media Manager at Phoenix Group.