Two minutes, six seconds. That’s how long it took these guys to prove how important video is to marketers today. By aggregating some of the most viral videos of 2012 and 2013, it’s easy to see how influential video can be, and how much reach it can garner.  

 “Video is no longer an option; it’s mandatory for any brand looking to speak to today’s audiences.” -Bonfire Labs

  Google tells us that on average, the top 100 brands have 14 YouTube channels, with 187 videos on each channel. Video is an effective way to reach your customers and tell an authentic story to express your brand. Here's why: 1. Mobile has become a core part of how people live today. Google online surveys found that 56% of Canadians have a smart phone, 75% of smartphone users say they stream video on their screen, and one in five do it daily.  

 “Mobile is a rocket ship … if you look at interactions per day, people are way more engaged on mobile devices than desktop devices.” -Jordan Banks, managing director of Facebook Canada told Maclean’s.  

 Sometimes it’s easier to watch it than it is to read it.

Going mobile is a way of life. As more people go mobile, the more we realize how easy it is to view videos and pictures compared to text-heavy content. This leads us to our next point. 2. Research shows users interact twice as much with content that incorporates heavy use of images or video, because:

 Videos help tell a story. Storytelling helps cut through the noise.

Visuals enable your content to stand out in the vast sea of information online; and video…well, it’s a multi-sensory experience—more appealing than words on the screen in a cluttered online world. Tell a good story, evoke an emotional response, and show your customer you understand them—and you’re on your way to building your digital customer relationships. Our client, Global Ag Risk Solutions does a good job of incorporating video into the mix to help tell their story and relate to their customers. If you need help generating ideas for video, creating video, or just posting video, we can help.