LLM Episode 14 - Jennifer Urbanski Linkedin
Posted Feb 28, 2017

LLM Episode 14 - Jennifer Urbanski Linkedin

On this episode, we take a close look at Linkedin.

Jennifer Urbanski is the Government and Consultant Lead for Linkedin in Canada. Our conversation covers what Linkedin is today, how people are using it and where they spend time. Jennifer shares Linkedin's member-first philosophy, how to use Inmail and sponsored content and how to effectively reach people.

Jennifer's very open with what is effective on Linkedin and gives a simple formula for how we can all use this platform most effectively.

And, we also discuss how to build your network and how to protect your network. Should I really accept all those invitations from people I don't know?

Enjoy the conversation!

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Host: David Bellerive
Runtime: 36:07


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