LLM 26 Kellie Garrett
Posted Jun 2, 2017

LLM 26 Kellie Garrett

Kellie Garrett is the guest this week on Lessons Learned in Marketing. It's been recently announced that Kellie is receiving a lifetime achievement award from IABC, and I took that as a great excuse to invite Kellie onto the podcast.

Our conversation ended up being quite wide-ranging, which isn't surprising if you know Kellie. Her knowledge and experience seem to have no ends. 

We start by talking about word-of-mouth, how to help it grow and how people and brands need to be authentic. One of the most challenging parts of defining a brand, a strategy or an individual, is recognizing what you are not, as well as what you are.

Kellie talks about self-awareness for brands and for people, and I ask her if the desire to become self-aware is something you can instill.

She also talks about how the skills of a communicator can be used to influence and impact business.

I told you it was wide-ranging.

Enjoy the conversation.

Host: David Bellerive
Runtime: 25:27


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