LLM 34 Rod Pederson Voice of the Riders
Posted Aug 11, 2017

LLM 34 Rod Pederson Voice of the Riders

This week I welcome Rod Pederson to the podcast. 

You know Rod as the voice of the Saskatchewan Roughriders, but if you follow Rod on social channels you also know he is a master of content. He works hard to deliver value to his followers, every day.

As a result of the work he's done to build an audience, he's developed a social media workshop and a  book, The Social Media Handbook.

Our chat covers what he's learned and offers ideas and tips for you to use. As they say about experts, if they’re good, then they are there to give you some ideas, some guidelines, or some rules to learn and break if you want.

Enjoy the show!

Host: David Bellerive
Runtime: 28:28


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