LLM 53 Cam Steed
Posted Mar 26, 2018

LLM 53 Cam Steed

This week, Kevin Hayes hosts the podcast and talks with Cam Steed about Social Media Monitoring.

The purpose of media monitoring is to capture content that is published by people. Typically brands monitor social networks, the web, radio, TV newspapers, etcetera for any mention of a keyword, phrase, brand name or a person. 

Cam breaks down the spectrum of what you can and can't monitor — and how some networks are more open than others. And he shares his thoughts on what you should expect from media monitoring and how to implement social monitoring in your own business.

Beyond monitoring for your own brand, Cam also explore how brands are creating social strategies built around social media monitoring. Lysol used social media monitoring strategically to trigger marketing initiatives. Learning where It has even led to a flu tracker, all driven by social media monitoring.

Social media monitoring has also helped companies care more and become more meaningful to their audiences.

Find Cam on Twitter as @camsteed

Also on LinkedIn. 


Host: Kevin Hayes
Runtime: 35:34


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