Okay, let’s be honest, telecommunications isn’t serious. It’s seriously important to our lives, but it’s fun business. It connects you with your friends, to the world, and brings the stories and shows you love right to your preferred screen.

Because of this, we knew that the advertising couldn’t take itself too seriously. So, we had a little fun with AccessEVO and HyperSpeed.

The idea sprang from wanting to bring the technology to life. Rather than just show the digital box, we wanted to show what it could do.

We created hand drawn illustrations in-house, bringing all the TV shows we love to life, just like AccessEVO.

Having the suite of illustrations was especially fun for Facebook sponsored posts. We aligned the images with the TV schedule and targeted specific audiences, based on the image and message.

The day before the Bachelorette finale, fans saw hand-drawn rose petals and a reminder to PVR the episode. When Game of Thrones returned, the iron throne graced the feeds of the biggest fans, reminding them that with AccessEVO they had space to keep as many episodes as they wanted.

The idea kept growing and just like the technology evolved with AccessEVO, the idea evolved with HyperSpeed.

New high heels and a purse, a gaming controller, and a cute cat, symbolizing some of the most loved online habits, were added to the collection. 

Having the illustrations at our creative disposal is a fun way to tell this story, but also gives Access products a unique and one-of-a-kind look.

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Posted by Sam Karikas. Sam is the Senior Writer and Social Media Manager at Phoenix Group.