Marketing Plan

Where it all begins! A marketing plan – or communications plan – is a request for funds, in return for a promised level of incremental revenues, sales, market share or profits. We work with you to build these plans for products, services, or brands. The completed plan includes objectives, situational analysis, marketing strategy and tactics, operational considerations, budget, and supporting research.

Brand Plan

Who are you in the eyes of your customers? We’ll build your brand strategy to reflect who you truly are as a company—from your core competencies to your personality and beyond. Branding isn’t just your logo (though, we do love to create those too)—it’s your voice, your messaging and your relationship with your audience. We want it all to shine through.

Digital Plan

Your first touchpoint with a client is likely going to be digital. The pre-touch moment. Or as Google refers to it, the zero moment of truth. What is your digital marketing strategy? How does it attract, convince, convert customers? How are you using digital marketing to manage and maintain customer relationships? Our completed plans includes objectives, situational analysis, SEO, a content plan, social strategies (and other tactics), operational considerations, and how your digital results and KPIs will be measured and reported.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Reputable businesses are no longer praised solely based on their performance and sales, but what they’re also doing to better the world around them. Giving back and being an active member in our community is deeply engrained in who we are as a marketing agency. We will help guide you through developing your company’s corporate social responsibility plan—whether you’re starting from scratch or continuing a long-term relationship with a cause that is close to your heart.

Market Research

Know your market. Know your customers. Market research is a strong foundation on which you can build a more confident strategy. We conduct market research that informs and ­­­­­contributes to success. Whether it’s high level demographics, psychographics or personas so specific that even tells you what your audience likes to eat for breakfast—we integrate market research into all areas of branding and ad campaigns.

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