Website Audit

Looking to revamp your website? We want to make sure your new website will be the website of your dreams. When we conduct website audits, we go through your current website with a fine-tooth comb and restructure, review and recommend how your next one should look and act for optimal user experience and optimization. From there, our wonderful team of web designers and developers will bring it to life.

Web Design

Where style and function go hand in hand. With our web design and development services, your website will not only be easy on the eyes but also easy to navigate from any device. With the world being even more at our fingertips through devices like smartphone and tablets, ensuring that you have a responsive website is a critical component for online success. All of our websites are responsive, creating a consistently better user experience.

SEO & Content Development

Search engine optimization (SEO) and content creation are a key part of successful marketing in the digital landscape. Having a fully optimized website and doing ongoing maintenance to make sure it continues to be optimized will truly make a different in how you will be seen on Google. We’ll conduct an SEO audit of your site, provide SEO recommendations—which include recommendations for content—and create that content while reporting back to you on how your website is performing. We can seamlessly fit SEO services and content development into your advertising strategy and goals.

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API Integration

A business simply can’t change every application it uses – but there are tremendous benefits to be exploited when you can share information from applications. For instance, helping the tee time booking application at the Royal Regina Golf Club talk to the website, we were able to integrate easy online booking without the cost of a new system. API enables interaction and connectivity between data, applications, and devices. It can also be the online programming interface of an organization. So, in other words, API integration eases businesses and benefits consumers.

Front End Development

The front end of a website is what you see. Everything that you see when you’re navigating around the Internet, from fonts and colors to dropdown menus and sliders is the front end. Our developers work in HTML, CSS and JavaScript to bring designs and interactions to life in a delightful way! Our skilled team identify issues in user experience and influence the design.

Back End Development

Our back-end developers build and maintain the technology that powers those components which, together, enable the user-facing side of the website to even exist in the first place. They manipulate data and speak in server-side languages that most of us have never heard of.


Your website will load slightly faster than it would if you were using some other popular web hosts because our servers are located in Canada. We offer web hosting services for our site builds and we excel when it comes to customer support, which is available to answer just about any technical question.

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