Conexus is a well known and respected brand in the province, but it was time for them to refresh. They invested time to review their brand—to make sure it still expressed what they stood for, and still represented their cooperative, member-centric spirit and proudly demonstrated their fresh approach to financial wellness.

As part of their brand review they enlisted the help of OH! Media for an intranet solution to help employees learn and live the brand. But how do you get employees to care about, and connect themselves to high level strategy?

The solution was developed using a combination of HTML/CSS and CSS animations and Javascript. The animation was created by marrying CSS keyframes with specific programmed commands coded to execute within milliseconds of each other.

Through a series of interactive games, employees are asked questions related to their new brand platform; tying in the mission, vision and values with questions about financial wellness and how to be a leader for members. Employees learn while they play.

But here’s the catch—it’s not just about making it fun, it’s about making it engaging.

We know, ugh, there’s that word again…engagement.

But, before the hey-day it’s experiencing in every marketing presentation on earth right now, “engagement” meant one specific thing, especially to employers—facsinating and activating employees.

Gallup’s meta-analysis data shows that corporations with highly engaged employees have 10% higher customer rates, 21% higher productivity and 22% higher profitability. And, virtually all studies agree that engagement increases when employees clearly understand how their job contributes to the corporate mission—how they can personally make a difference. Companies that invest in employee engagement have employees that invest in them.

And, Conexus knows a thing or two about investing. They approached this ingeniously, by not only championing their own staff, but by also putting their customer at the centre of what they do.

It’s training and engagement you can take to the bank. 

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Posted by Sam Karikas