David reconnects with Beverley Theresa, a social media coach, speaker, and advisor. Beverley shares some things to look at and consider exploring for 2018, starting with micro-influencers.

What are micro-influencers, why you might want to reach out to micro-influencers and where to find them?

Beverley also shares thoughts on Facebook Messenger Chatbots. How you might try it this year.

Linked in is also a big focus for Beverley, which ties into a content focus for 2018. Big content—like 9,000-word articles.

In her business life, Beverley shares how she's going to take care of the admin parts of her work.

She recommends revisiting your social media strategy, taking a step back to see what's changed in the market, what needs to change in your plan.

We also talk about Facebook groups and how to capitalize on them for marketing. Creating a group, or joining a group for networking as well as business development.  

Find Beverley on her site: hellobeverley.com

On LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/hellobeverley

On Twitter: twitter.com/hellobeverley

On Instagram: instagram.com/hellobeverley

On Facebook: facebook.com/hellobeverley

She'll be speaking at iMedia social media conference March 9 & 10 in Edmonton.

As well as Social Media Camp May 2nd and 3rd in Victoria.

And at Social West this summer June 13, 14, 15 in Calgary.