Megan Matthews heads up Instinct Brand Equity Coaches, a consultancy created out of a frustration discovered by her father, Ted Matthews, a 30+ year veteran of the advertising world, and author of Brand: It Ain't the Logo

Instinct Brand Equity spreads the maxim that the only word synonymous with Brand is Culture.

Megan has a PR and integrated communications background working across the globe with brands such as COTY Luxury Beauty, Johnson & Johnson, adidas by Stella McCartney, Pernod Ricard, Gap, Hilton Luxury Hotels, Barbie and Dove, ensuring clear and consistent Brand strategy across countries.

We talk about being cautious, refreshing rather than rebranding and when do you need to rebrand. Megan shares stories about the amazing Unilever Dove Real beauty campaign and can you stand for something bigger. And Victoria Secret's need to rebrand.

You can connect with Megan by email, and learn more at the Instinct Brand website.