Is death still a taboo in advertising? Why would you even introduce death into ads? That's the central question behind a new study from marketing professor Barbara Phillips at the University of Saskatchewan’s Edwards School of Business.

Barbara joins David to talk about the research and death in advertising. Our society has become more death accepting but can advertisers can use death portrayals in their advertising for non-death related products? And maybe more centrally, why would you even try to put death in advertising? And if you do, how would you do it well? 

Below are links to the ads referenced in the episode and used in the research.

Volvo  the ABCs of death

Éco-mobilier : C'est l'histoire d'une bibliothèque

1-800-CONTACTS - "Astronaut"

Spectrum Cable: Monster-Train

The all new 2018 Volkswagen Atlas “America”

McDonald's Dead Dad

You can learn about the University of Saskatchewan's Masters in Marketing program here.

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