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Chemo RV

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The Freedom of Going Anywhere, Anytime

Chemo RV (pronounced chee-mo) is a family-owned and operated RV dealership based in the Cariboo Region of British Colombia. The RV industry is seasonal and competition is fierce. Audiences in the BC interior are spread out, their interests are wildly different, and as an active audience, they are difficult to pin down. We’ve worked with Chemo RV since 2011 to help connect with their audience, increase their unit sales, and showcase how they truly live and breathe the RV lifestyle.

What we did:

  • Website Design
  • Media Planning & Buying
  • SEO
  • Digital Plan
  • Communications Plan
  • Content Production
  • Creative Development


48% sales growth over five years


Awarded 2017 Canadian Dealer of the Year

Camper Content Program

Looking to distribute content that would resonate strongly with their Cariboo Region audience, we created an annual influencer campaign for Chemo RV to connect their brand to the story of the region. After finding and vetting authentic, local influencers, we sent our campers out on camping trips through the Cariboo where they created content which was posted on Chemo’s Facebook and blog during the summers months.

  • 2018 content had a reach of 60,000 on Facebook
  • 2018 sales of RVs increased 6% over the same period of the previous year.

Exploring the Cariboo Region

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the Hubbells

Camper Content

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The RV Lifestyle

Using geo-targeted online ads, paid Facebook ads, and social media, we built a community for RVers in the BC interior. Customers shared RV tips and tricks, and Chemo shared their knowledge. In doing so, we helped differentiate the dealership and move the conversation beyond features and pricing.

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Cariboo Region Creative

From online ads and social posts to creating and maintaining a well-performing website that shares valuable information for RVers, we’ve continued to strengthen Chemo RV’s online presence and their brand identity as a community-minded company.