First responder testimonials
The impacts of impaired driving—shared from the experience of always being the first one on the scene.
Staff Sergeant Patrick Barbar
“If you rely on chance, and you rely on your judgment after you've been drinking, it's not going to work out.”
Kristie Chatterson
“It's such a preventable accident, preventable death.”
Corporal Mike Young
“All it takes is that second for something to go wrong and for things to become disastrous.”
Dr. Jag Rao
“I remember the mother asking me, looking at my face and saying: 'He's dead, isn't he?'”
Tammy Hagerty
“The thing that really frustrates me is knowing that they can take an innocent life away.”
Sergeant Troy Dumont
“I remember that night. The vehicle was full of toys.”
Corporal Erin Lockyer
“I like to say your only option is to find a safe ride home. That’s your only option.”
Constable Patrick Foster
“They haven't had a chance to live their life.”
Thomas Froh
“That's how you kind of come out of it—knowing that you've made their day potentially the worst day of their lives.”
Sergeant Todd Gall
“It's never comfortable. The look on their face is, usually—'what's wrong?'”
Gord Hewitt
“People haven't seen, maybe some of the things that I've seen or how truly nasty and devastating it can be.”
Mitchell Lapchuk
“It was just another crash until I saw the baby seat.”