Case Study

Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI)

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Changing Perceptions in Our Community

Saskatchewan has the highest impaired driving rate among all Canadian provinces, at 575 incidents per 100,000 population. The national average is 201. SGI’s vision is to “achieve the safest roads in Canada while caring for customers.” We’ve worked with SGI over the years to face these challenges, creating impactful campaigns to affect positive change and change drivers’ attitudes and behaviors when they’re out on the road.

What we did:

  • Digital Strategy
  • Communications
  • Creative Development
  • Project Management

6 decades

In 2017, Saskatchewan reported the lowest number of traffic deaths in 6 decades.’

Be a Good Wingman

Most people will not intervene with a stranger who is about to drive impaired. But, if it’s a friend, they will. From this, we created the concept “Be a Good Wingman: don’t let impaired friends drive.” The concept is expressed in the form of a tattoo, as a nod to a permanent commitment. The Wingman wordmark was featured on billboards, T-shirts, beer cans and posters throughout Saskatchewan to quickly build awareness and momentum for the Wingman program.

  • The campaign achieved three times the emotional relevance of our target.
  • Audience views of messages across social media channels (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) reached 2,828,143

A Rallying Call

The Wingman campaign was launched with a compelling 60-second ad that ran in movie theatres, on YouTube, and on social media. We watch three friends share moments, memories, and promise to always have each other’s backs. We built the characters and situations to be relatable, to show their humanity, so the people of Saskatchewan can see themselves and their friends in this story as it unfolds.

Impactful Creative

From communicating impaired driving laws as cannabis became legal in Canada, to educating on motorcycle safety—our traditional and digital marketing work with SGI has spanned across many big campaigns and communicated important messages to our community.