Case Study

South Country Equipment

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The Future of Modern Agriculture

South Country Equipment is an agriculture dealer with dealership locations across Southeast Saskatchewan. With a strong association to big-time agriculture equipment manufacturer John Deere, a company that takes pride in innovation, South Country has steadily moved forward over the years, embracing and creating the future of modern agriculture. From rebranding this tech-focused company to creating a new app that helps farmers make more confident in-field decisions, we’ve helped this company become a bigger player in the agriculture equipment industry—improving the lives and work of farmers along the way.

What we did:

  • Brand Plan
  • Logo Design
  • App Development
  • Web Development
  • Visual Identity


In 2020, the app was being sold by 22 different vendors across Western Canada


The app currently has 823 subscribers


The app has seen a 766% increase in subscriptions since its creation in 2017

A Cohesive and True Brand Identity

South Country Equipment was renovating all of their Saskatchewan dealerships and wanted a new logo and visual ID that would show their deep ties to agriculture and their association with John Deere. Conducting brand audit exercises, we discovered that the following words best reflected what the new logo should communicate: Strong, Tread, Grip, Solid, Rugged, Landscape, Precision, Modern. We created a logo that proudly presents the future of modern agriculture.

Confidence at Your Fingertips

In 2016, the use of weather stations was on the rise for dryland farmers and agronomists to measure and map their fields’ soil moisture. However, the data collected from these stations that could help drive in-field decision making was not being used to its full potential.

Crop Intelligence App

We created an app that collects and interprets soil moisture data from weather stations in dryland farming in the palm of your hand. This app helps farmers and agronomists make real time decisions on their farm with confidence and optimize their return on investment.