Case Study

Western Canada Lottery Corporation

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Motivate. Excite. Win.

The Sport Select marketing strategy is to motivate players to get in on the action by highlighting the excitement of sports betting and its unique tangible benefit of cash for winners!

What we did:

  • Marketing Plan
  • Market Research
  • Project Management
  • Creative Development
  • Copywriting
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Plan
  • Video Development

The Rush and the Release

The arrival of new international online and daily fantasy sports options threatened Sport Select’s market share. To compete, we created a campaign that married the ritual of playing with the rush of game play. Using fast edits and exciting sound effects, we captured the ritual of researching and purchasing the ticket, and the heart pounding moments that could make or break a ticket. 

  • 30 second spot had an average completion rate of 85.55% online and on the Rogers app
  • CTR on display banners was 30 times higher than a standard display ad
  • Clicks were overwhelmingly made by people between the ages of 25-49, hitting the sweet spot of our player demo

All the Action

This isn’t your average day—this is game day. We’ve included no shortage of excitement in our Sport Select TV spots. Our 2018 campaign featured an intense action movie trailer-inspired spot that shows how there’s no action like having a ticket on the game.