There is an insatiable desire for video content. And brands can capitalize on this opportunity.

Through engaging video, brands can share what they stand for, what they are like, their values, and their personality. People expect a lot more out of brands these days. It’s no longer enough to advertise in the content, you must be the content.

Social media has proven to be a great way for brands to build more than just trust with their followers and fans. Brands who use social really well know that it’s not about telling people about your products, it’s about engaging people by putting the focus on them with your products, the way they naturally would. Through that engagement you can overlay your brand values and personality.

Kraft Canada does this beautifully. Instead of drowning you with details about the 30 million food products they sell, they created a useful tool for you to use. Lowes gave this concept a shot and captivated their Vine audience by providing six second home improvement tips.

The goal is to give people something that they’ll care about and that they’ll want to watch. The practice can require a lot more planning and production time, but your brand ends up with tangible assets that can be reused for years as part of a digital/social calendar.

For Great Western Brewing we launched the “Beer With” series. In the series, we sit down with interesting Saskatchewanians and ask, “If you could have a beer with anyone on the planet, who would it be?”

Production is done in-house and it matches the concept. A casual sit down over a pint at a local bar. Sounds simple, but the result so far is almost 8,100 video views, and multiple shares and likes in just four weeks of publishing.

Tweet us @TheBurningBird if you’d like help and ideas developing your content, we’d love to sit down and share ideas. Maybe we could do it over a pint… Great Western of course.


Posted by David Bellerive. David is Vice President of Creative and Interactive for the Phoenix Group.