This week David talks to Freddy Vandelinden of Dutch Cycle on the Lessons Learned in Marketing podcast.

At Dutch, old-world values connect with modern consumers. This is one of the top examples of a company consistently delivering a great customer experience. Freddy shares what he wants customers to feel when they come to Dutch Cycle.

Why do they focus on customer service? And how do they hire staff that shares the passion for customer service?

How do they avoid the trap of selling low-quality high-profit items? 

One of the big lessons Freddy shares is that they are part of the cycling community. Might seem obvious, but it's a quick and easy way to receive constant feedback.

Bikes are, according to Freddy, an extension of your personality and why they work to find the bike that speaks to you.

Freddy shares his experience with traditional media, and talks about the results from social media, paid and unpaid. 

And to wrap up, Freddy shares the best advice he's received and his lessons learned in marketing.

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